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Dance School Sunshine Coast

About The Author

Billy Bing

Magic and Reality Walked Into a Dance Class. Only One Came Out Alive…

My name is Brigette Kay.

  At 2 years of age, I was as coordinated as a Sea Turtle crossing a pebble beach. Seriously, if my parents named me Grace it would have been funny. I lacked muscle tone and suffered brain tracking sequencing problems. This diminished my capacity to perceive visual signals.

 What you’re about to encounter on this website is a slightly tweaked way of looking at 7 starter rules I tell mothers to follow to give themselves the best chance of choosing the right dance school for their children. Getting this right is a critical step for young kids entering the next crucial phase in their personal development.

You see, when I was around 2 and a half, it was suggested I be enrolled in Ballet or Gymnastics. Therapy for a lack of coordination.

I was as ecstatic then as I am now when my junior dancers crack dance maneuvers for the first time. The rarity of this Sea Turtle swimming amongst Dolphins just added to the awe I always had for the best dancers in my class.

However, it also changed me. What I lacked in physical coordination, I made up for… Continue Reading >>>